About Mixed-Member Proportional

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How it works

With Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP) you get two votes:

- Choose one local MLA to represent your area.

- Choose one provincial MLA to represent your values.

Vote across party lines. Vote for independents.

Your vote, your choice.
Voters always choose the candidates that win.

Download a sample ballot.  Download our Flow Chart shown below.  

Download 8 Reasons We Need MMP -   En francais  

Watch the MMP video.


Your MMP Ballot 

MMP is Easy as Pie! 

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40% of the vote = 40% of the seats.

No false or bloated majorities!


Equal to All Voters — Always

MMP is a fair voting system that's    embraced across the ideological and political spectrum where used.

With MMP,  over 95% of voters will elect a candidate.

With our current winner-take-all voting system? Fewer than half of votes elect candidates!

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Effective for You

No strategic voting. No 'wasted' votes.

 Just vote for what you believe in.

MMP is Simple

Laws get passed with real majority support built to last. 

The number of political parties we have in PEI will stay the same or only slightly increase.

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MMP systems do not produce a flood of new political parties.

MMP is Successful

Under MMP, opposition parties will have the ability to hold our governments accountable.

No inflated majorities!

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Countries with MMP do not have PEI's inflated majorities.