How does MMP work?

It’s easy, with your first vote, you elect a District MLA the exact same way that you do now. With your second vote, you vote for the candidate of the party that you want to lead the legislature or that best aligns with your values. This system will ensure that every single vote will count, unlike the current system.

How will MMP benefit me?

You will have a more representative government! MMP will ensure your vote and voice is heard by making sure 40% of the vote does not equal 100% of the power. 

Will rural Islanders lose representation?

No. With Mixed Member Proportional, rural Islanders will keep their representation and have the most representative government possible. You can elect Provincial MLAs with strong rural views knowing that every single vote will count, unlike the current system.

How do candidates get on the List?

There will be rules put in place on exactly how. However, we expect that party members will elect candidates – District or Province-wide. This or another system will be made through legislation when MMP passes. Other MMP systems have rules ensuring that political parties are limited in their powers to change the list.  

Who decides which list candidates get the Province-wide seats that a party may get?

You and all voters will decide which of a party’s province-wide candidates win any seats that the party might get. This the way that MMP makes every single vote count.

Will both rural and urban areas lose District seats?

Yes, both urban and rural Districts will have 5500 constituents. However, you will have more representation because the 9 Provincial MLAs will represent all Islanders and that every single vote will count, unlike the current system

Will I be well represented?

Yes, you will be better represented! Because your vote will count more and you will have a choice of going to your District MLA or one of the 9 Provincial MLAs with any of your concerns. Provincial MLAs represent all Islanders and their views may better align with yours then your district representatives.

Will Provincial MLAs have any constituent responsibilities?

Yes. Provincial MLAs will still work to help Islanders. They will be able to help parties represent areas they do not have district seats in. They will also be able to work with people that may not feel comfortable with their District MLA.

Will we have elections more often?

No, this has not happened in other places that have MMP. In fact, elections are more regular because of fixed election dates every 4 years.

Will we elect more women?

Research has shown that on average, proportional systems elect about 8% more women .  This is due to gender balance on lists, a less combative political culture and women being more likely to run for smaller parties.

Will fringe parties gain power?

No. Countries with Proportional Systems are able to contain their extremist parties to 20% or less of the vote and mainstream parties won't form coalitions with them so they do not form the government. First Past the Post encourages only two parties and sometimes extremist ideas can overtake one of the parties. MMP makes this less likely.