Thank You! 

Vote Yes PEI is proud of what we accomplished together. Change happens when people work towards a common goal - and that's where you came in. 

Thank you to our volunteers - we know you were busy with school and work, helping family and other candidate campaigns across the political spectrum. And thank you to all Islanders - We could not have done this without you!!!

We are inspired by those took the time to listen, asked questions, who were interested in learning more, who challenged us, and who acted to help make this people's based initiative a reality.

49% of the popular vote is great for such a short campaign without much people power on a big issue such as this.  
The desire for change is real. It's not over - so you might be hearing from us in the future
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Important Referendum Info


On April 23, PEI voters will participate in a second referendum on whether to adopt Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMP). MMP is a fair voting system chosen by Island voters two years ago that makes every vote matter.
To vote you must be:
  • A Canadian citizen
  • 18 years or older as of April 23 2019
  • A resident of Prince Edward Island for at least six months prior to April 23 2019
  • You can vote in person or by mail-in ballot

Pledge to Vote Yes 

Join us to ensure a more fair government for all Islanders 

Why Vote Yes

Mixed Member Proportional is Easy, Equal + Effective.

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Easy as Pie

 is Proportional Representation.  

40% of the vote doesn't give one political party 66% of the seats and all of the power.   

Instead 40% votes = 40% seats. 
earn every seat they get.  No fake majorities!


Equal for All Voters

MMP is a fair voting system that's embraced across the ideological and political spectrum where used.

With MMP, over 95% of voters will elect a candidate. Yes!

With our current winner-take-all voting system? Fewer than half of votes elect candidates!

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Effective for You

No strategic voting.  No 'wasted' votes.
Just vote for what you believe in.

Vote across party lines.  Vote for independents

Your vote, your choice.  You choose who wins.
Two votes is more powerful than one.

Why Our Voting System is Broken

The Broken Illusion — Elections represent us?

Right now
Islanders don't get what they vote for.

As the video below shows, How We Vote never matches What We Get in the legislature!  

Instead we get disproportional "clean-sweep" bloated majority governments that elect little-to-no opposition MLA's

That's not representative! 

❌  Broken: How We Vote never matches What We Get! 

'First Past the Post' is a winner-take-all voting system that strips us of democratic representation when we need it most. The mismatch in the circles reveals how much disproportional power the system's broken math gives to a select few. 
Under MMP, the circles always match!

The Broken Confusion - Did your vote matter?

Right now, 
Most Islander votes don't matter.

Did your vote matter last election?  Unlikely! Under our current voting system, only 46% of Islander votes elect MLAs.

Under MMP?  Over 90% of Islander votes will help to elect a candidate!

 elections fail to represent us, our politicians do too.  

You know your vote should matter!

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❌  Most Islanders elect nobody with their vote.

The Broken Delusion - More stable?

Right now, 
Politicians call snap elections to win disproportional power.

Current 'First Past the Post' voting - More stable? Not at all! Governments fall early when there's a chance to win disproportional power from an early winner-take-all election.

Germany and Scotland are more stable under MMP, not less. 

Under MMP, minority coalition governments work differentPoliticians are motivated to make power sharing work because they can't win false majorities from a five percent shift in public opinion.

Politicians have to play nice with each other!

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✔️ Governments are more stable under MMP than Canada.  
(Time between last five elections)

Say YES to a trusted system loved by the World's Happiest Democracies!

🇩🇪 Germany

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland

🇳🇿 New Zealand

Help us make better voting a reality

Join our volunteer team to bring MMP to Prince Edward Island.